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When is the last time you had your FURNACE SAFETY Inspection and Tune-Up?

We use a combustion analyzer to determine the efficiency of the unit and to make sure it is burning clean gas safely and efficiently. Our inspection includes steps that are critical to efficient and safe operations

Inspect furnace or boiler
Camera Inspection of heat exchanger
Inspect heat exchanger for leaks
Inspect and clean burners
Inspect electrical connections
Test all safety devices
Test limit control
Inspect blower motor
Inspect belts and adjust belt tension
Inspect blower wheel
Inspect furnace filters
Inspect amperage draw
Inspect and check pilots
Inspect and adjust pilot
Inspect Hot Surface Ignitor
Inspect thermocouple*
Test gas valve operation
Inspect chimney opening*
Test for combustion air
Inspect for gas leaks
Inspect Humidifier
Inspect hot water tank
Inspect thermostat
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