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Our focus is making sure the repair is done correctly the first time and addresses the problem you are having. Is your home suddenly too hot or too cold? Has frost made its way into your home this winter? Is there a bedroom that never cools down? Making you comfortable in your home is our number one priority at Cooks Heating & Cooling. We pride ourselves on being available for our customers when they need us and quickly diagnosing any problem that they may have with their Air Conditioning or Heating system quickly and efficiently. 

When is the last time you had your FURNACE SAFETY Inspection and Tune-Up?

We use a combustion analyzer to determine the efficiency of the unit and to make sure it is burning clean gas safely and efficiently. Our inspection includes steps that are critical to efficient and safe operations which include:

Cleaning the furnace or boiler & burners
Checking the heat exchanger for leaks
Checking all electrical connections
Testing all safety devices & limit control
Inspecting the blower motor, wheel & belts & adjusting the tension if necessary
Checking the furnace filters
Confirming proper amperage draw

Inspecting & adjusting the pilot if needed
Checking the hot surface ignitor & thermocouple
Testing for proper gas valve operation
Inspecting chimney opening
Testing for combustible air & gas leaks
Checking the humidifier & pad
Testing the thermostat

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